As with most businesses, when we first started out we offered our services at a much lower price point than our competitors to attract more customers. But as time goes on, our client base continues to grow, as well as our expenses and experience, and our prices must reflect that; which is why we slowly increase our prices over time.

Nevertheless, we value each and every one of our customers, which is why we grant our clients the prices they had when they started with us as a sign of appreciation. If you have any doubts about when our first appointment was, you can search for our name in your e-mails and find the date of the earliest confirmation we sent you.


EARLY 2019

Classic: 100

Mixed: 120 - 130

Volume: 130 - 150

LATE 2018

Classic: 90

Mixed: 110

Volume: 130

EARLY 2018 - LATE 2017

Classic: 80

Mixed: 100

Volume: 120

*This is not contractual and we reserve the right to charge the current full price at any time.