As I've said before, I love what I do. And when you do things for reasons more than money, you can make a change in the world.


This is something I am personally passionate about, as it is easy to get lost especially in the beauty world. That why I love eyelash extensions. We're enhancing your natural lashes! With the exception of Russian Volume, we aren't really adding anything more than what you already have except length and volume.

I want everyone to be comfortable with who they are in their own skin, and eyelash extensions do that.

And seriously, sometimes a little too much!

Especially in such a lavish city like Paris.

This is why I want to stay true to my morals and ideals. I came from Puerto Rico to study an MBA in Fashion & Luxury Management, and this is how I'm going to run my business; Like a luxury lash studio that wants to empower women.


THE Secret Lash Club is luxury lash bar that is eco-friendly, empowering and innovative.