Offering a DIY approach to eyelash extensions, we see it as a mix between lash strips and classic salon eyelash extensions. It is said to be healthier for your natural lashes and provides a much natural look while allowing you to personalize your style by using different lash curls and lengths, and even stacking them on top of each other for more dramatic looks!

Offrant une approche "Do-it-Yourself”aux extensions de cils, nous le voyons comme un mélange entre les bandes de cils et les extensions de cils de salon classiques. On dit qu'il est plus sain pour vos cils naturels et donne un aspect beaucoup plus naturel tout en vous permettant de personnaliser votre style en utilisant différentes courbes et longueurs de cils, et même en les superposant pour des looks plus spectaculaires!

It is a DO-IT-YOURSELF luxury lash system in which you apply silk lashes on the bottom of your natural eyelashes by sections and then "fuse” them together to get the extensions to 'melt them in’ with your own lashes, giving them the most natural look possible! There are currently three different styles of extensions, and they all give out a different look. You can mix and match and stack them to get a different look every time or stick to what you love.

C'est un système de cils de luxe à faire dans lequel vous appliquez des cils de soie sur le fond de vos cils naturels par sections, puis vous les fusionnez pour obtenir les extensions qui les «fondent» avec vos propres cils, en leur donnant l’aspect le plus naturel possible Il existe actuellement trois types d’extensions différentes, qui donnent toutes un aspect différent: vous pouvez les mélanger, les assortir et les empiler pour obtenir un aspect différent à chaque fois ou vous en tenir à ce que vous aimez.

With Lashify vs bare lashes. Photo by  Ellis Claire.

With Lashify vs bare lashes. Photo by Ellis Claire.


  • CUSTOMIZATION - You can create your own style and change the look easily at any time! You can stack lashes on top of other lashes lashes for different effects and drama.1

  • CONVENIENCE - Since you can do them at home, you can retouch them yourself anytime.

  • HEALTHIER - Some people claim it is healthier than classic eyelash extensions as the glue contains biotin and may be lighter on them.

  • IDEAL FOR DAMAGED LASHES - It is great for gaps, brittle & damaged lashes that are too weak for classic extensions and you want to get them stronger but not lose your look

  • EASY REMOVAL - You can remove them yourself with a dual phase make up remover and you can clean them up and save them for future uses if you wish.


  • PRICEY - It may become expensive carrying so many Gossammers if you like to stack and don't want to wash and save them for future use

  • CONSTANT MAINTENANCE - They last less than eyelash extensions and require much more maintenance and touch ups to stay on such as fusing every morning

  • LOSS - When they fall out, they fall out in sections leaving a big empty gap.

  • MORE REFILLS - They typically last around 5 to 7 days with daily fusing and some light refills

  • UNNATURAL FEELING - They do not feel as natural as classic eyelash extensions, in the sense that you can't brush them the same way as they are all stuck together in clusters.

    • LEARNING CURVE - As it is a completely different system than what we are used to, it takes some practice to get the right amount of glue and the correct placement for a seamless high-quality look.



We'll put them on for you and teach you how to put them on so you can test them out for yourself! If you like them, we'll talk about getting you your own kit!

Get a personalized full set of Lashify lashes to try on for yourself!

They will last around a day, perhaps two to three if you 'fuse’ with your fingers or with an eyelash curler, which is just enough time for you to see if you like them or if you want to stick with traditional lash extensions.

PRICE: 30€



If you have damaged lashes but you still want to keep using eyelash extensions, then we recommend getting a lash keratin treatment to renourish and repair brittle lashes and then getting a set of Lashify lashes!

We'll teach you about the system, how to put them on and care for them and give you your own Lash Kit for you to retouch them or add more later on if needed!

At any time you can just pass by to get other refill lashes in different curls and sizes to mix it up and stack them for a more dramatic look!


Retouches are done every week or when needed.

A new pair of lashes is applied and you can choose your own style! If you keep the old lashes, clean them, and bring them to us to have them reapplied, a discount is applied.

If you buy any of the kits, you'll have the fusing clamp, bonds needed to maintain them and you'll keep them on for longer and can decide if you want to retouch them yourself at your own time or come on over to restock on new lashes and have them done.


  • A full set of Lashify lashes

PRICE: 20€



  • A full set of Lashify lashes with stacking

  • An extra pair of Gossamers to go

PRICE: 35€


A Lashify control kit contains:

  • A fusing wand, which is what is used to glue the extensions to your lashes and ensuring they are 'melted’ and 'fused’ together

  • A double sided bond glue & sealer

  • 2 pairs of eyelashes (called Gossamers)

  • A mirror and luxurious carrying case

PRICE: 145€ for the black kit

150€ for the white kit

You can buy it in person at our location or order it online and have it delivered from us or their official website and get 20% off by using this link:




Also known as a lash botox in Paris, it is a hydrolyzed keratin mask that strengthens and nourish natural lash with Argan oil, proteins, keratin and vitamins. The nourishing mask fills the natural lash with keratin hence making your natural lashes thicker, fuller and longer. They will appear longer and curled without damaging them; to the contrary- this procedure will make your lashes stronger!

Eyelash hair consists 96% of Keratin. Lash Botox consists mostly of hydrolyzed keratin ( decreased into such a small particles so it has access to the thinnest lashes) and collagen- natural nourisher.

This is the reason Lash Botox has BECOME SO POPULAR as it is used for TREATING damaged lashes while making them curlier!

This procedure takes approx. 1 hour, it is safe and painless. It doesn’t make your natural lashes break or fall out.

The results lasts up to 2 months with no maintenance required.


Afterwards, a black/blue tint is applied to enhance the thickness of your natural lashes even more and make them look seamless.


After botox and tint, we move on to the creme de la creme, the Lashify system.

We show you different styles on real people so you can select your favorite and we'll apply a set to simulate that look on you and teach you how to retouch them and how to put them on yourself.

The procedure and tutorial takes approx. 60 minutes, it is safe and painless but may be a little uncomfortable as you have your eyes open while gluing the lashes on.

The results will last up to one day with little to no maintenance, but you will leave our salon armed with the tools to retouch them whenever necessary and even add more lashes later.

Next time you retouch them, it might take around 30 minutes or less so don't worry.

This package includes:

  • Lash Lift Keratin Treatment

  • Lash & brow tint (optional)

  • A crash course on how to use Lashify

  • Two pairs of Gossamers

  • Lashify Fusing Clamp

  • Bond

  • Sealer

  • Lash Brush


Retail Value: Over 229


Lashify Control Kit includes a Whisper bond in Clear & Black, lash sealer, two Gossamers and a Patented fusing wand in a luxe mirror case.

Lashify Control Kit includes a Whisper bond in Clear & Black, lash sealer, two Gossamers and a Patented fusing wand in a luxe mirror case.


Lashify Control Kit: 149€

Gossamers: 18€

Lash Sealer: 20€

Melt Away Cleanser: 20€

Night bond: 20€

Whisper Bond: 20€

Pre-cleanser & Primer: 27€

NOTE: You can buy it in person at our location or order it online yourself on their official website and get 20% off by using this link:

DISCLAIMER: We are not sponsored or directly affiliated with Lashify. We are not an official reseller, we buy at a discounted rate for Professional Members and resell them to our customers. We also get lash points to redeem in supplies each time a member buys by using our referral links.

Learn more about the different styles of lashes in this system!