Instagram, Facebook & other social media sites are where people come to see these eyelashes in action!

But we need your help to keep it up to date!

This is why we’re offering 10€ credit on your next service for every photo/video we post during Spring!

social media tag

Receive an additional 5€ by posting it on your social media accounts and tagging us on:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Google

  • Yelp 


STEP 1: Take a couple of nice selfies next time you’re feeling cute!

STEP 2: Send us your favorites by e-mail or direct message on Instagram or Facebook with your name and phone number. Wait for our response to see if your image has been accepted or not.

STEP 3: Enjoy your discount on your next service whether its a refill or a full set, we’ve got you covered!





  1. The photo or video clip must have good lighting and be of high quality.

  2. The eyelashes must be clearly visible.

  3. To submit an image, you must upload it to your account on either Google+, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and tag us on the media.

  4. You must send us the image or video via e-mail to secretlashclub@gmail.com with your full name and phone number so we can make a record of it and provide you with the discount or gift card.

  5. By submitting your image, you are agreeing to let us use the image for commercial purposes and around various social media channels.

  6. You are over 18 years old.

  7. Photos and videos must be in high-resolution only.

  8. We receive the right to accept or reject images submitted. But we pay every single image & clip we end up using.

  9. Discount is redeemable at a maximum of 30€ per visit. If more than three images/clips have been accepted, then the remaining credits will roll-over to the next visits.

  10. Credit valid for up to one year after the acceptance date.