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Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes by glueing an eyelash extension to a person's natural, individual lash. The extensions may be made from several materials including silk, mink, or even human hair. We work with silk and faux-mink lashes to provide our clients with the best possible look, cruelty-free.

They typically last for about 4 - 6 weeks. For a longer-lasting look, fill-ins are recommended every 3 - 5 weeks.

There are various types of eyelash extensions but the most populars are the 'Classic Style' and the 'Russian Volume'. The Classic style adds only one lash extension to each natural lash, while the Russian Volume adds more than one lash extension to each natural lash to create a more voluminous effect.



Enjoy around 80 silk or mink lashes per eye for instantly bolder, sexier and sultrier look. 

We also do brown/black lashes if you’re blonde and want them to look seamless.



A mixed set includes some volume lashes such as 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D & 8D (3D = three lash extensions per each natural lash) and the classic lashes (one extension per each natural lash) mixed in together for a more voluminous look that is still natural!

Volume lashes are great to fill in any gaps we may have and to add some softness to the eyelash line. 



A more voluminous effect that is sure to stop people in their tracks to admire you.

We typically do a 2D up to 6D effect where two to six very fine lashes are placed each adult natural lash.

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Let us refresh your fallen and grown out lashes by adding new lashes to update your look. Treatment lasts around one hour.


Retouch 1 week  45 €

Retouch 2 weeks  55 €

Retouch 3 weeks  65 €

Retouch 4 weeks  75 €

Retouch 5 weeks  85 €


Retouch 1 week  50 €

Retouch 2 weeks  60 €

Retouch 3 weeks  70 €

Retouch 4 weeks  80 €

Retouch 5 weeks  90 €

*After five weeks a full set is required. If more than 50% of lash extensions are gone then a full set is required regardless of the timeframe.


NOTE: I do NOT refill on other artists' work as the quality may differ since most eyelash artists do not use the same supplies and materials. But do not worry! Removal is included with any full set, if needed.




Colored lashes

Colored lashes

Add some colorful fun to your typical makeup; it can be as subtle as to only be visible when they catch the light to as vibrant as you wish. Perfect for festivals and PRIDE or to simply add a little light pizzazz to your look. Must let us know in advance to make sure we have the desired colors in stock.



Removing eyelash extensions by yourself is very dangerous, especially if you do it by pulling on your eyelash extensions as this can permanently damage your natural lash. To remove lash extensions, you should stop by ours or any lash studio so they can remove them for you. If you still want to do it yourself, we recommend rubbing them with coconut oil and leaving it on overnight every night until they fall of by themselves.

We offer complimentary removal if needed when getting a full set! Just let us know BEFOREHAND to account for more time!



Enjoy an amazing lip mask designed to plump your lips, minimize fine lines and intensely moisturize your luscious lips while you get your lashes done. 


24kt GOLD EYE PATCH    5

Upgrade to the world famous real 24Kt gold eye patches proven to relieve eye fatigue, smooth fine lines and give an instant glow!


FACE MASK            10

Choose from our selection of face masks from different world-renown brands that are specifically suited for your skin type and current needs, be it dryness, oily, fine lines, acne or even fatigue. From pearl to honey, we have various types of masks to match your taste and skin conditions.


HAND MASK            10



Enjoy a ten-minute face massage with or without our natural products. Together we’ll assess your face’s needs and choose what is right for you!


Eyelash Growth Serum              60




1.   Fill-ins are estimated based on normal lash loss. If more than 50% of the lash extensions are gone then a full set is required.

2.   We do not add fill-ins or do refills from other artists' work as the quality may differ since most eyelash artists do not use the same supplies and materials. If I do not have the same style or lash size, you MUST have a new set done as I will have to remove the old lashes to guarantee the end quality.

3.   Colored lashes are an additional 20 Euros to a full set or 20 Euros for 25 colored lashes.

4.   Masks are limited and are changed frequently based on the preferences of our clients.

5.   Face massages can be done with or without a face product like face oil, facial serum, face cream or face mask.

6.   Products are available only while supplies last.

7.   At home/hotel service is available only in the Paris region. Zip codes starting with: 75, 92, 93, 94. If you’re interested in service outside of this area please contact us directly.

8.  We reserve the full rights to all photographs taken, but we grant you a shared license in which we allow you to use and distribute your images for non-commercial use.