We value the reach bloggers and Influencers have in the world and we are open to working with you if you think a collaboration between us is viable.

we are inviting you to test us out AND POST IF YOU LOVE US!


If you’re interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador for us and are convinced that your audience is our target market then send us your Media Kit and any other information to


  1. Must post a new picture with a new pose or perspective & different backgrounds showing off the eyelashes on at least two social media accounts twice a week during one month, tagging us on each photo.

  2. Must use our hashtag and tag our account on the photo, plus send the photo to our e-mail with a letter of consent to allow us to post it on our social channels.

  3. Photos can be any pose, any style, with or without makeup, but must have good lighting and eyelashes must be very visible.

  4. This program can be combined with other discounts such as fidelity card bonus and cannot be used for the first full set.

  5. Must have minimum a full set of lashes done with us to apply for the program.

  6. Must have at least two active social media accounts with a minimum of 1,000 followers to apply.



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