It all started when...

It all began when a young entrepreneur called Yessika Marmol decided to embark on an adventure and leave the only home she's ever known in Puerto Rico in pursuit of her dreams.

Three years later, she’s fluent in French, gained an MBA in Fashion & Luxury Management and is now a certified eyelash extension artist!

This desire to create something beautiful has always been inside her but was brought on by her obsession with lashes since the first time she tried them in Phuket a couple of years ago.

After that, she was hooked!

She even gets hers done every week or two and says she feels amazingly beautiful and empowered with them on and wants others to feel the same way!

This is why this community was created; To gather lash and beauty lovers in Paris and across the world to get the latest trends and techniques and keep looking fierce with minimal effort!



Secret Lash was created in December 2017 as a way to get lash lovers and artists together in one place to talk about this growing beauty trend. Even though lash extensions have been around for a long time, they aren’t as common or as mainstream as other beauty techniques. 

Hence, the ‘secret’ part of our name.


Lash extensions give women a subtle beauty boost that is not as evident for those that don’t know about lashes.


With our lashes most people can’t even tell our girl has extensions on, they just see her big, beautiful eyes and full lashes and think she was blessed that way or is wearing really great mascara!



Our lash studio is located at 15 Rue Erlanger 75016 Paris.


Send us a message with any questions or comments via this form or BY SMS or Whatsapp to

+33 7 66 11 44 70

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